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How a Great Salesperson May Be Doomed to Fail at Your Company

Recruiting great salespeople- well some may think it’s a myth like “big foot”. Some would say they have seen it and yet cannot prove it. If I asked around, I’d probably hear about how sales recruitment is so haphazard and almost like a lottery. How did it get this reputation?

In an interview an average salesperson will tell you all the things you want to hear: 
  1. I know your products…
  2. Your applications…
  3. Your markets/clients
  4. I have huge number of contacts
  5. I have made budget time and time again
  6. I’d love to sell your product/services
  7. I can make a huge difference

You fall in love with the CV; the interview is warm and friendly, they have a gift of the gab, references they provide speak highly (and why wouldn’t they) and you hire them.

Three months later you feel they will not work out; you chastise yourself that perhaps you have not given them enough time and 6 months in you finally realise you hired a sales dud, ouch! How did this happen, what went wrong? I have the answers and the solution.

Three Reasons a Great Salesperson Can Fail at Your Company

1.      They can’t replicate the environment in which they had their success.

For example, a salesperson by the name Frank works for Company X, a well-renowned company with direct orders for its large sales team. Visit clients, quote on products, and come in with the lowest price- regardless of margin. Frank is the best salesperson by far, he has the biggest accounts and brings in the most revenue.

Now let’s pretend your company is not very well-known and is offering new products to the market. To be successful in your company, salespeople must call C-Suites tendering with prices higher than your competitors. Frank, formally the best salesperson at Company X, is hired with high expectations to continue his track record of first place finishes, at your company.

This is how one company’s great salesperson can fail at your company. 

2.      Great is relative.

Let’s examine this with Frank. Frank is clearly more lucky than great. His luck provided him a job in the right company, at the right time and with the best clients. Comparing this to the other say 100 salespeople in Company X, order takers at best, Frank appears to be great.

3.      The candidate wasn’t great at all.

Here’s the real reason you hired Frank. You felt some urgency, a position in an important territory was available, and Frank turned up. Creating instant relief after finding someone who not only has a winning personality, award-winning fictional resume but also performed tremendously in the interview. In essence, you were won over. Sure, this formula may has worked out for you in the past. But you’ve also hired salespeople that didn’t work out- using the same method. Hit or miss is not a model for success.

The year is 2017, there’s should be no excuse for a company’s poor hiring decision. Don’t hire yourself a Frank, instead opt to be frank with yourself and your current recruitment process and seek change.

So, how do I recruit great salespeople consistently?

What a question and how valuable a secret that would be to share. I’ve compiled all the secrets in a handy eBook and it’s yours free to download here, ‘Best Practice to Recruiting the Hardest Role in the Company.’

Learn the criteria for success when recruiting plus valuable insights to secure your ideal candidate. Isn’t it time that you stop repeating a process that is broken and get the help and tools that will make you a hiring genius?

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The Data Does Not Lie, Maybe You Do

After reviewing 22,000 salespeople in the last 5 years here is what we have found –

74% of sales people lack rapport building skills, in fact the average skills sets is 50%

85 % of sales people lack the confidence to engage as trusted advisors, in fact when it comes to posturing with a clients, candidates are better at it than existing employed sales people – a 7% difference in skill sets – enough for a client to FEEL the difference between a sales person there to make a sales and a sales person there to solve a problem.

87% of sales people lack questioning skills, in fact the average qualifying skills sets in both existing sales people and candidates that were assessed is 52%

95% of sales people talk too much – but you already knew this.

77% of sales people do not have a strategic outcome to their meetings with clients.

93% of sales people accept “put offs” by clients, in fact it is the biggest sales DNA weakness across the board – why because of their own mindset and because they do not follow an engagement methodology – they “wing it”

Now there are 2 things you can do with these stats as you read them – say to yourself this is not me or this is not my sales people which means you are in denial because these assessments were based on 22,000 as a subset of 1,000,000 assessments


You can start to think, mmm maybe this applies somewhat and start your journey to wondering – what is I did invest in improving in myself or my team, what is I did take the first step of self awareness as scary as it may be.

Data is data, what you do with it is what makes the difference. Are you comfortable with the status quo and yet blame others for your lack of success?

Will 2017 be the year where exceptional performance is the focus rather than mediocrity, being average, being good.

What would life be like being GREAT??

There are 4 steps for sustainable change.

1. Self Awareness – do you know what you don’t know and do you want to know?

2. Desire to Change – now that you are aware of your gaps, your barriers, do you want to shift, change?

3. How do I Change – where is the support program to assist me?

4. Just Do It – fail, learn and do it again.

So what about it, are you willing to stop lying to yourself and take the first step?

Change is hard, the outcome of change is so much sweeter though, worth taking the plunge I say, what about you?

If you are in leadership, sales leadership and or sales, give me a shout and I would love to explore what you could be achieving.

SG Partners provides various assessments to assist people in understanding where their success gaps are. We provide improvement programs for people to push through their barriers and take onboard even better skillsets. We love “Giving a Shift“.