Our Recruiting Services:

1. Recruitment Process Improvement
2. Candidate Assessments
3. Emotional Intelligence Assessments
4. Recruitment of Internal Sales Roles
5. Recruitment of Sales Leadership Roles
6. Recruitment of Sales Roles

What makes us different?

We utilise exclusive state of the art sales team assessment tools, extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in sales to provide you with a top performance review for YOUR team. We assess and train sales teams, which provides a unique perspective of what it takes for a sales team to be successful.

SG Partners Sales Team Selection services provide prompt and insightful results that thousands of companies. Sales Team Selection allows companies to select the most suitable salespeople, internal sales, sales managers, sales directors, client relationship managers and business development managers for their culture.

The Sales Candidate Screen provides us with a clear understanding of sales aptitude (need for approval and dislike of rejection, hunting, farming) and attitude (outlook, commitment, desire, responsibility). We can also identify sales abilities (upholding margins, qualifying and closing and applying sales process and complying with selling systems).


Sales Recruiting, or Sales Team Selection as we refer to it, is the practise of sourcing, screening, interviewing, reference checking and employing a GREAT salesperson or sales leader.

Sales Leader

Did you know a great sales leader who implements a sales strategy and holds people accountable to a sales process can improve revenue by 15%? ...

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Sales Person

What would it mean for your company to have top performers in your team and not average salespeople who often provide you with excuses? ...

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Internal Sales

What would your business be like if internal salespeople followed up on quotes and made outbound calls? ...

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