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Internal Salesperson

Hiring an Internal Salesperson

Internal salespeople really make a difference.

Internal salespeople who follow up quotations make a massive difference! What if they valued inbound calls even more? Would that generate even more revenue for your business?

How would you know if your potential internal salesperson could close, could qualify and cold call?

What would it mean to you if you got it wrong?

SG Partners are highly skilled and experienced in ensuring the internal sales candidates can sell, your way and will hit the ground running.

We are highly trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), which assists you in understanding the patterns internal salespeople run.

SG Partners are highly trained in understanding best practice sales processes and engagement.

We assess candidates for their selling skill sets: whether they can call people, shift their mindsets and be self-managed.

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What makes a great Internal Salesperson?

  • A salesperson that will follow up quotes
  • A salesperson that will make outbound calls consistently
  • A salesperson that can cross sell
  • A salesperson that is self-motivated
  • A salesperson who will follow processes
  • A salesperson who can engage
  • A salesperson who can qualify and sell on value

How will you get certainty at the time of interview that they will sell the way you want them to?

SG Partners have the skills, tools and strategies to introduce to you to great candidates that match your criteria, (before you hire).

Internal Salespeople we recruit include

  • Internal Sales People
  • Customer Services
  • Customer Support
  • Internal Sales Administrators
  • Internal Technical Support
  • Telesales